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NX40 Mod

NX40 Mod


    Introducing The NX40 Mod By Aspire, this all-new mod refines everything from the previous NX30 model to perfection, this compact mod is an ultra-portable yet powerful device which can fire up to 40W. The chassis uses zinc alloy material, and the panels use special composite board technology which is used in the cell phone industry. The three-dimensional texture makes the NX40 refined and high class.

    With a greatly improved screen and menu interface the NX40 looks modern and relevant in today's fast-moving market. The NX40 outputs up to 40W of power and has an improved 2200mAh battery. One of the key features has been improving the above whilst maintaining the much loved smaller size of the original. In hand, the NX40 feels incredible whilst maintaining the stealthy approach.

    In addition, the charging port has been changed to a USB-C delivering safer and quicker charging to the device. The NX40 supports three different modes of variable wattage/ variable voltage and bypass.