Cleito 120 Coils [x1] - Aspire - Coils

Cleito 120 Coils [x1]


    These Aspire replacement vape coils have been specially designed for use in the Aspire Cleito 120 Vape Tank. These sub ohm coils provide superior flavour and cloud chasing capabilities.

    Note: The Cleito 120 Coils work best when used between 100 - 120W, they can not be used with the original Aspire Cleito tank.

    Contains: 5 x Cleito 120 Coils

    Aspire never ceases to amaze with new vape mods and tanks that push the limits of vaping. The Cleito 120 tanks prove how much the brand invests in research and design to produce the best quality tanks.

    If you have the Cleito 120 or Cleito 120 Pro tank, you've had a chance to experience the next level of vaping. The superb performance of the tank is mainly due to its coils. The Cleito 120 comes with two primary coils. A 0.15ohm mesh coil and a 0.16ohm coil. Both coils work with all Cleito 120 tanks. The coils have exceptional wicking abilities and guarantee the best vapour and flavour production.

    Features of the Cleito 120 Coils
    The Cleito 120 coils are carefully designed and made to provide the best vaping experience in their class. There are numerous features included in the coils to ensure the best performance, longevity and value for money.

    Chimney Style Coil
    The design of the Cleito 120 coils stands out most. The coils have a Chimney style design for an easy bottom to top-airflow, allowing for maximum vaporisation of the e-liquid and flavour extraction.

    Open Airflow
    Airflow is vital to the performance of vaping. The open airflow design of the Cleito 120 coils makes it easy for vapers to choose their preferred restriction and, ultimately, their vaping experience. It's easy to adjust the airflow of the coil to suit your preferred style of vaping.

    Large Wick holes
    The coils come with large wick holes to reduce the waiting times between the inhales. With the large wick holes, the wick material is saturated faster, allowing you to take faster inhales and make the most out of your vape sessions.

    Clapton wire coils
    The material used to make the actual coil says a lot about the performance of the coil. The use of Clapton wire ensures a keen balance between performance and how fast the wire heats up to the optimum temperatures.

    Above all, the use of Clapton wire increases the surface area of the coil without affecting the resistance allowing you to vaporise more vape juice when you hit the fire button.

    Juice Spitback Shield
    The spitback shield is not a performance feature. It's for safety, which is just as important. The spitback shield stops vape juice droplets from flying out when they touch the hot surface of the coil.

    These features ensure you enjoy the efficiency of the Aspire Cleito 120 and the perks of sub-ohm vaping. We have the Cleito 120 replacement coils right here at Flawless Vape. The coils come in packs of 5 coils to help you save on costs and ensure you have a coil with you at all times.

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